Spy Software: 8 Signs That Your Phone Is Tracked

Are you worried about spy software? If yes, then we are going to teach you how to deal with this problem. We all are fascinated by smartphones. However, now, these tiny machines have enough power to control our lives. For instance, our smartphones have music, images, and all conversations. So, due to this essential information, we all become more vulnerable to cell phone spying. Thus, we should understand the importance of cybersecurity. So, lets’ break down this topic for better understanding.

What is cybersecurity? Importance of being protected:

Cybersecurity is a general practice that we adopt to defend smartphones, computers, and all electronic devices. The main aim is to protect the data from malware and cyber-attacks. In simple words, we use the term information technology security or electronic information security. Most of the hackers do cyber-attacks for assessing, changing, or destroying information. Apart from this, the other aim is to extort the money or interrupt the business processes. So, if you want to protect the cell phone and data, then implement measures that will keep you safe from spy software.

Cybersecurity: Stay safe from spy software:

We are living in a world that has converted to digital means. But in this world, we deal with problems like cell phone spied. However, to solve it, we can take the help of cyber defense programs. If you want to keep the data protected, keep an eye on your smart devices to know whether the spy software monitors it. In addition to this, there are other benefits of cybersecurity:

• Keep the smart devices safe from cyber-attacks and data breaches
• It helps to keep the data and networks safe from malware
• It doesn’t let any unauthorized user access the data
• It helps to improve the recovery time of any breach
• You can continue the business without any threat and mismanagement
• Above all, it helps to gain the trust of stakeholders and partners by improving the system’s security.

If we search about the cell phone spied, then every top-notch organization has the team to protect the system.

However, the team builds the strategies, reveals new vulnerabilities, and educates people on the importance of cybersecurity. As a result of their work, everyone feels safe from malware and spy software.

What are the types of cybersecurity threats?

Before discussing the solution, it is vital to know the main types of cybersecurity threats. Thus, you have to deal with these primary types:

In this type of cyber threat, people send suspicious emails. But the problem begins when these emails start acting as a message from a credible source to gain trust. However, the main aim of spy email is to hack the bank details, credit card numbers, and other vital information. If we look at the record, it is the most common attack, and you can keep the smart devices safe by getting technological education.

Social engineering:
It is another cell phone spied technique that tricks you into getting sensitive information. Thus, the aim of the access could be to gain a monetary benefit or confidential data. Above all, hackers can combine any other threats with social engineering to give you more damage. There are the following different types of cyber threats:

• Ransomware: It is another malware software that is specially designed to block the access of your files. However, you get back the access unless you pay the ransom. But spending money doesn’t guarantee that you will get all your files back.

• Malware: It is software that is designed to get access to your smart devices. Apart from this, the software is intended to damage the computer and files.

The above section is defining that cybersecurity, and its threats could be broke down into many areas. However, there are many techniques that you can adopt to keep the device safe from spy software. For instance, you can get protection in network, application, information, and operational security.

Is someone spying on you? How to know spy software?

We already discussed that smart device are full of personal information and data. For instance, we use smartphones to function in our daily life. People send emails, messages and save banking details and passwords. But before processing all of this information, keep in mind that spy software can steal all of this necessary information. Thus, it could be a disaster, that’s why you should keep a close eye on your machine.

Before heading further, here are the following activities that people can do with their phone by accessing through spy software:

  • Can read text messages
  • Get access to phone camera
  • Hack the phone without having internet
  • Can access all data, bank details, and other info
  • Read WhatsApp messages
  • Can track your location

But here, the question arises of how you would know that cell phone spied. So, here are the top points that will help to know that someone is spying on you.

Battery drains fast:
The first hint you get is about the battery. So, at first, notice the battery health of your phone when you bought it at first. It is a fact that batteries start dying after some time. But it happens after constant usage of apps. Thus, the sudden drop in battery health isn’t average. The continuous working of cell phones takes so much battery. For instance, your GPS, background apps, and live wallpapers could work in the background. The sudden drainage means that any spy software is working, and someone is constantly tracking the device.

Performance issues:
The hackers and cell phone spied software constantly work to track your data. However, the device starts working slowly because something is always working in the background. So, if the performance of your cell is constantly declining, then there is something fishy happening. But it could be due to some other issues, so check further details before finalizing other matters.

If the temperature is rising:
Is your phone getting hot without any reason? If yes, then there is something wrong, and you have to find what is bothering you and who is spying on you. Usually, the gamers play the gaming sessions, due to which they charge phones more often. But if you aren’t a gamer or hardcore user and don’t need to charge your phone, there is something wrong. Moreover, if you aren’t noticing the unusual temperature of the phone, then it might be a victim of spying.

If data is constantly declining:
If your cell phone has a tracking app, attackers constantly use the data to update the status. So, it’s vital to keep track of the data pool and determine why this is happening. However, the situation could be different in the case of unlimited and limited data plans. So, keep yourself updated with the data usage. You can even check the apps to see how much data the applications are using.

Do you see unwanted apps on your cell phone?
One of the top hints of spy software is unwanted apps. So, keep an eye on the apps that you didn’t download but seeing on the phone. In this case, there is a possibility that your phone is tempered, and someone is spying. However, it means your device has malfunctioned, and spy software is monitoring your activities. There are signs like blue or red screens, automated settings, and unresponsive devices; some signs will hint of cell phone spy.

Odd browser history:
You can check your phone history to know whether your phone is being monitored or not. It means that through spy software, someone opened links to download the unwanted apps on your device. However, if your phone has been hacked, you can adopt the following tricks to protect yourself.

• Press the factory reset button
• Update the software of your device
• Search the spy software & apps and delete them
• Don’t forget to install the anti-virus
• Moreover, protect the phone by setting screen lock, password, PIN, and fingerprints.

After adopting these measures, you can protect the phone from spying. If there is odd browser history, then alert yourself and take action.

Strange noise while making calls:
In old times, it was common to face distortion while making calls. But with time, the networks have improved that are stable and can make noise-free calls. Still, if you hear noise or odd voices during calls, then it means there is something that you should know. Thus, if you listen to voices not related to the person who is doing the call, it is a big sign. In simple words, we term it that any spy software is monitoring your calls and maybe recording conversations. So, take hints from these signs and act as a proactive person.

Unwanted messages:
If you are receiving unwanted messages with weird characters, then there could be something wrong. However, it is a sign that any malware or spy software has been installed on your cell phone. Apart from this, there could be links in the messages, and after clicking, your data will get hacked. So, it is recommended to install the anti-virus and scan the device to keep it safe. But IOS users don’t need to worry about this a lot because hackers mainly target android devices.

Device shut down & reboot time:
In addition to the above conversation, the malware and spy software slow down the phones. Apart from this, the virus stops your phone from shutting down or rebooting. However, due to this malware, the device takes more time to shut down. Above all, the viruses increase the processing and shutting downtime. So, notice if something like this is happening, then you should take action.

Other common signs to judge if cell phone spied:
We know that experts can find the hint of spy software by monitoring even small activities. But this is not the case for someone who doesn’t know much about the malware can’t tell. Thus, for people like these, here are some hints that they can judge if someone is monitoring their activities.

• If your cell phone is working slower than usual
• The device temperature is increasing even in the idle time
• If your device is facing unexpected reboots, it indicates that someone has remote access to your device.
• Above all, if you see activity even in the standby mode. For instance, the screen shouldn’t light up in standby mode.

So, the above conversation is proving that cyber threats are increasing at a rapid pace each year. According to the Risk-based security:

“About $7.9 billion records exposed by the spy software in the year of 2019. However, this figure is 112% more than the last year.”

Medical, retailers and public entities are facing more data breaches than other services industries. So, in this situation, the importance of cybersecurity has increased ten times more. Thus, it would help if you adopt preventive measures to keep the data safe.

Ways to protect your cell phone from spy software:

After knowing all signs and valuable information about cell phone spied and spy software, the next step is to keep yourself safe. So, here are some tips that you can adopt to keep the device safe from malware.

Say NO to rooting phones:
If you download apps from non-authentic sources, then there are chances that you can get malware. Third-party apps are always a significant risk. Moreover, if you own the rooted phones, then it may cause considerable trouble. The root users access the system and modify codes that make it very hard to beat the spy software.

Reset the phones more often:
Spy software is hard to beat, so you should take appropriate actions to deal with this issue. For instance, you can wipe off your phone and make a new start. You can simply factory reset the phone (Android, IOS) to get rid of the suspicious software. But always remember to backup information like contacts, photos, and music, etc.

Don’t forget to install anti-virus:
The other most used way is to install the anti-virus. Some people think that anti-virus software doesn’t do anything. But the right software is best when it comes to giving phones in the right hands.

Note: You can adopt any of the above tips. But it is vital to keep your item protected and don’t let anyone touch this. Above all, don’t forget to set PIN, passwords, and face ID for more protection. However, this tip would help to keep the bugs and strangers away.

Final verdict:

Phones aren’t limited only to hear calls and texts. Smart devices are more than these little activities because your devices have personal and work-related important information. So, find out if your cell phone is spied and take protective measures to keep it safe in the future. In the above pointers, we mentioned few tips. But along with those, avoid public WIFI and regularly update software and OS. The security programs and spy software continue to evolve, so stay informed about the best identity protection providers.


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