How to encrypt your internet connection?

Encrypt your internet connection – The day you started using e-mails, WhatsApp, Facebook and related apps a part of your life got stored somewhere in the cloud. Just like you, billions of people became dependent on services and applications on a daily basis to send/ receive emails and text messages, attend video calls, keep running logs or internet banking, watch online movies or simply keep connected. All these produce a ginormous amount of data every day that can be easily used against you. 

Why you should encrypt your internet connection?

Even if you’re not doing anything that’s against the law, someone might track you for other purposes. ‘I’ve got nothing to hide’ may be your reply – but you may want to reconsider this as you provide pieces of data that can be used by cyber attackers to commit fraud, forgery or phishing attacks. Also your data can be retrieved by hackers to intimidate/ blackmail you and invade even the most private aspects of your life. Need more reasons?

  • unencrypted data (similar to plain text), which can be intercepted by snoopers. Anyone from an internet service provider (ISP) to a government agency or a cybercriminal can see check on your traffic;
  • an ISP might check if you’re using too much data and limit your bandwidth;
  • privacy is a fundamental right;
  • a government agency might check if you visit restricted websites;

Top 3 alternatives to encrypt your internet connection

  • Use the HTTPS extension

HTTPs is a browser extension used mainly for Opera, Android, Chrome, and Firefox. Once the extension is installed, it redirects the unencrypted websites to encrypted, wherever the encryption is supported by the respective website.

  • Use other privacy extensions

To be a little safer online, you can consider some privacy add-ons that give your browser extra muscles to keep you safe online. Their job is to upgrade your HTTP connection to HTTPS or send your traffic through a proxy. Be careful which one you choose to download as there are many scams that actually collect data.

  • Get a VPN

The best option to keep cybercriminals away is to use VPN Encryption. The best VPN App can encrypt (encode) your data in such a way that it’s mathematically impossible to decypher, without knowing which key you used to encrypt it. A VPN encrypts the data, when it enters, and passes through its tunnel and then decrypts it at the other end where the VPN server connects you to your requested website, meanwhile, through the transfer, all your login details are kept secure and hidden by VPN encryption. You can choose a free VPNs and Paid VPNs.

The VPN App cost vary from one VPN App to another and the price depends on their functionalities. For instance, a good VPN App deal can protect your privacy, allow you to watch Netflix wherever you go or remain anonymous while using the Internet, you will find the perfect VPN offer for you in our list of bargain sales. On the other hand, a cheap VPN App might cover only privacy protection.

No matter the VPN App price, the majority of providers are easy to set-up both for business or personal use. How does this happen? Once you installed the VPN App to your device, your IP address changes to another IP address. This means even if someone’s looking after you they won’t be able to identify you as your digital footprint and location is encrypted. See below some things you should consider before you buy a VPN App.

Good VPN Apps can be used on multiple devices

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Good VPN Apps can be used on multiple devices

If you thought VPN Apps can be only connected to computers/laptops… you are wrong. They can be connected to handful of devices, some of which we listed below:

  • VPN routers – VPN routers provide all the data safety and privacy features of a VPN client, and this applies to every device that is connected to them. In other words, all the devices that are connected to the WiFi are protected by the VPN.
  • VPN for firestick – if you live in the US, Amazon’s Fire Stick is the best entertainment option. Unfortunately geoblocks and distribution restrictions may cut off some content for users that paid a full price. Isn’t it a pity? The good news is that a VPN for firestick can protect and unlock your Amazon Firestick so you’ll watch unlimited movies.
  • VPN for iPhone and iPads – you will also want to check out VPNs for iPhones to ensure the safety of your personal info as well as the privacy of your time spent on the Internet. A top VPN will safeguard your online activity wherever you are.
  • VPN for SmartTv – Smart TVs allow users to connect to internet and watch content from popular streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Showtime, Hulu and so on. While some streaming services may be a bit faulty or geo-restricted in some regions, a good VPN will do magic for you and keep you safe.


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