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  • 45 days money back guaranteed
  • Strict No logs policy
  • Safety features that block malicious websites, ads, and tracking
  • Over 30M users
  • Easy to set up & Excellent user interface for beginners
  • High speed streaming for over 35 unblocked streaming services from all over the world (including Netflix)
  • Not all settings available in the mobile version
Cyberghost VPN App
Cyberghost VPN App

CyberGhost VPN convinces with its huge number of servers. It’s also great that CyberGhost informs its users about the current number of users and the utilization of its servers. Selected connections are established quickly and fast for everyday use. Another advantage is that there are separate server lists for torrenting and streaming. Thanks to the useful additional functions, such as kill switch, ad tracking protection, CyberGhost offers a good all-round VPN package.


Here is a summary of the features CyberGhost VPN offers its customers:

  • Platforms: All common systems are supported, namely PC and Mac, Android and iPhone, Linux. In addition, some routers, Amazon’s FireStick VPN, Android TV VPN and as an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Server: The provider currently has 5,800 servers in 90 countries with an above-average number of servers.
  • Devices: With a license, customers can install the CyberGhost VPN apps on 7 different devices and use them simultaneously if required.
  • Data volume: There is no restriction on the amount of data.
  • Netflix: At the time of the test (December 13, 2019), Netflix USA was streaming. There are even dedicated servers for streaming.
  • P2P: CyberGhost VPN allows P2P and torrenting and lists the available servers in a separate menu item.
  • Desktop / Mobile: The mobile and desktop versions are visually very similar and look appealing. The full range of functions is only available with the desktop version.

How secure it is?

CyberGhost has made the security of its users very important. The VPN service emphasizes several times that it has a strict no-log files policy and at the same time ensures that it does not record any data or activities of its users. In addition, the service has moved its headquarters to Bucharest, Romania, where there is no legal obligation to log and store logs and user data. CyberGhost receives another trust bonus for the fact that the service is located in Romania and is therefore outside the territory of the 14-Eyes surveillance alliance.

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Cyberghost Settings

The VPN service has numerous useful settings on board.

The provider uses its own DNS server – DNS leaks should generally be excluded. At least with tests in the test, there were no problems in this regard. The cyber spirit also passes the WebRTC test with the left. And thanks to the built-in kill switch , the internet connection is automatically cut if the VPN connection to the server is interrupted. Unfortunately, it is not activated by default, but must first be brought to life via the settings.

And the emergency stop is completely missing in the smartphone apps. It can only be operated via PC and Mac. It is also a minus that CyberGhost does not yet support multi-hop, which once again significantly improves VPN security. The supported VPN protocols OpenVPN and IKEv2 / IPSec are positive and are considered to be particularly secure. CyberGhostVPN also offers the VPN protocols L2TP and PPTP .

Speed test:

CyberGhost has what most others don’t have: servers en mass! Over 5,800 are in operation and the bottom line is a good connection speed. In a laboratory measurement over 48 hours, the download speed was just under 5 percent below normal speed. In the upload, the servers delivered values ​​between 0.9 and 1.3 percent below the regular connection speed. This is hardly noticeable in daily use, but is in the middle of the range compared to other providers. With NordVPN for example, there were almost no deviations from normal speed. The measured ping time of the server is small enough with 12 to 18 milliseconds for online multiplayer or video telephony.

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Cyberghost Servers List

Netflix streaming

For some users, whether a VPN server can outsmart Netflix is ​​a decisive factor in purchasing. After all, with the right VPN, the US library from Netflix can be streamed comprehensively. Fortunately, CyberGhost doesn’t make problems for fans of Netflix. The provider even goes one step further and lists servers that are explicitly suitable for streaming. Here users can even find out which server is suitable for which streaming provider. In practice, Netflix flickered smoothly on the screen. Only the quality was not always the best, but still completely sufficient.

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Cyberghost Features

Setup and use

Anyone who can load an app onto their computer or smartphone should have no problems installing and operating it. In principle, everything is designed to be self-explanatory: select the server, select it as a favorite by clicking on the star, switch the kill switch on or off, and much more goes without saying. The numerous extra functions are particularly well received . CyberGhost, for example, offers an ad blocker that can be activated if necessary. In addition, the service protects against online tracking or, if available, automatically redirects to secure HTTPS versions of websites.

If you want, you can choose sites that should not be routed through the VPN tunnel and with one Program protection allows you to select applications that will automatically activate CyberGhost when they start and shows how many users are on the servers at the time of use and also indicates the respective load. In addition, a menu can be opened, which provides information about the speed of the selected connection and the data consumption. After all, servers that are suitable for streaming are marked together with information for which service a server is intended for.

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Cyberghost TV App

How trustworthy it is?

The provider has deliberately moved its headquarters to Romania . The 14-eyes surveillance alliance is now off the table. There are no shady clauses in the terms and conditions that indicate that CyberGhost may log data and pass it on. On the whole, the provider is transparent with his information.

Prices and subscriptions

CyberGhost VPN is priced on average compared to other providers. It becomes particularly cheap with longer terms. There are four packages:

  • 1 month costs 12.99 euros.
  • There is 1 year for 5.99 euros per month.
  • The 2-year subscription costs EUR 3.69 per month.
  • The 3-year subscription costs EUR 2.64 per month.

There is a 45-day money-back guarantee for dissatisfied customers.


With an armada of servers and ghostly camouflage methods, Cyberghost scares out the competition.


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