Best VPN App for Netflix 2021

Best VPN App for Netflix 2021 – Those who subscribe to Netflix outside USA only see part of the Netflix universe and pay more. With a VPN App you can easily expand your film and series cosmos and save a lot of money in the process. Watch exclusive Netflix content worldwide and save a lot of money. Our guide shows how it’s done.

Netflix is ​​one of the largest streaming providers in UK and is now available in almost every country. For many series fans and film freaks worldwide, Netflix is ​​the first choice among streaming services . This is due to the wide range of films and series and the many in-house productions, the Netflix Originals. “Narcos” and “Black Mirror” are now Netflix classics, but newer productions such as “Dark” and “The Witcher” are also well received by fans. While the Originals are available in every country that has Netflix, other Netflix content is restricted to certain countries.

The Netflix catalog in the USA includes significantly more titles than in rest of the world. At the same time, the prices are above average in an international comparison. If you subscribe to Netflix in UK, you pay more and at the same time get less. If you don’t want that, you can use a trick. Travel the world virtually and take out a cheap Netflix subscription in a country of your choice.

Best VPN App for Netflix 2021: Bypass country restrictions

For Netflix, it is not relevant in which country the user created his account, but only from which country the request to stream comes from. The platform recognizes this from the IP address of your device, which has a country code similar to the area code of a telephone number. For example, if you are sitting comfortably on the sofa and want to watch Netflix, the service only activates the UK Netflix library for you.

For the coveted US offer, you therefore need an IP address from the USA. This is where VPN services come into play: The virtual private networks establish a connection for users to a server in the USA, which forwards your streaming request to Netflix with a US IP. The platform thinks the request comes from America, and voilà, the US offer is activated for you as if by magic!

US Netflix: Stream more content via VPN App

Netflix in-house productions such as “Tiger King” , “Space Force” or “Mindhunter” usually go on air around the world on the same day. The situation is different with films and series from production companies that do not belong to Netflix. Here the red streaming giant from Los Gatos, California, buys the licenses to make the titles available on its platform.

However, this differs greatly from country to country: In the USA there are many classic series that are considered pioneers for titles such as “House of Cards” or current mystery series. If you want to watch “The West Wing”, “Twin Peaks” or “Dexter”, you have to connect to a VPN App server in the USA. In other European countries you can also find series and films that are not available on UK Netflix – these are often domestic productions. You should bring a little liking for foreign languages ​​with you.

Netflix subscription abroad cheaper

The Netflix subscription is significantly cheaper in some countries than in UK. Thanks to VPN, it is now child’s play to travel around the globe virtually and fish for the best offer. Brazil, India and Canada are currently among the most popular destinations for bargain hunters, an analysis has revealed. Argentina joins the cheap services – with some restrictions.

Best VPN App for Netflix 2021

It’s not easy to pick the best VPN App for Netflix 2021 from the crowd. After all, you sometimes get tied to a VPN provider for months. Then it’s all the more annoying when you can’t rely on the fresh episode of a series or the street sweeper from the USA flickering across the screen at the desired prime time. When choosing, it is important to ensure that the VPN App always offers enough servers that are not blocked by Netflix.

The connection speed also plays a role. Even the fastest Netflix flick is in no mood when it stutters leisurely across the screen or dissolves into artifacts. But don’t worry, the next three services performed really well in the large group test in general and especially with regard to Netflix.

Best VPN App for Netflix 2021: Cyberghost
Best VPN App for Netflix 2021: Cyberghost

1. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost landed in third place with a test grade of 1.5 (good) , but performed absolutely exemplary in all the streaming issues tested with a sub-grade of 1.0. Both US and UK Netflix could be accessed easily and quickly. In terms of speed, there is absolutely nothing to complain about. The reason for this is the huge server armada that is available to users. It is particularly positive that there are dedicated and designated servers for streaming Netflix.

Best VPN App for Netflix 2021: NordVPN
Best VPN App for Netflix 2021: NordVPN

2. NordVPN

This VPN App took first place in the test with a grade of 1.3 (very good) and forms an all-round successful package. Netflix could be streamed without any problems – and in very good quality. Both the US and the UK program libraries switch NordVPN effortlessly free. The only downer is that there are no designated servers for Netflix.

Best VPN App for Netflix 2021: Surfshark
Best VPN App for Netflix 2021: Surfshark

3. Surfshark

With the final test grade of 1.8 (good) , Surfshark is only number 3 in the overall comparison. Its functioning speed servers, which rattle down the streaming program quickly and in good quality, are decisive for its streaming capability. The provider lives up to its name and presses the tube properly.

Best VPN App for Netflix 2021: Legal or Not?

Are you missing the detailed installation instructions for VPN Apps at this point? Oh well. Personal experience has shown that the tricks work, but this is a gray area. At Netflix, it violates the terms of use, according to which the subscriber has to live in the respective country to which he is subscribing. So it cannot be emphasized enough that caution should be exercised with VPN tricks: Netflix does not like it when you take out cheaper international subscriptions. Therefore, existing options can change from one day to the next. What works today may not work tomorrow!

Best VPN App for Netflix 2021: Terms of Use

The video streaming service says in the terms of use: “You can watch Netflix content mainly in the country in which you created your account and only in geographic regions in which we offer our service and have licensed the respective content.” That is clear, the “mainly” being a constraint with potential for interpretation.

What are the possible consequences for those moving? In the worst case, the access threatens to be blocked. If the subscriber then wants to conclude a contract while sitting in UK, this can be denied to him with reference to the previously abusive use by Netflix. This applies not only to Netflix, but to watch most other services the residence clause in their terms. ” So it’s a game with fire, albeit a lucrative one.

Best VPN App for Netflix 2021: Save smart

Anyone who fears that Netflix will shut them out can still save with simple tricks. Time and again, supermarkets or drugstore chains offer prepaid cards for Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, with a 10 to 20 percent discount . You can use the virtual shops to take out memberships for streaming providers more cheaply via in-app purchases. An alternative: family subscriptions. The premium model from Netflix (15.99 euros per month) has up to four devices. If you split that up in the family, everyone pays just under 4 euros for Netflix. For this, however, the home address must be identical, because sharing with friends elsewhere is also excluded in the terms of use.


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